Utusan Borneo, 25 Jun 2010

Launching of Jatropha press - mill plant

This is the first of its kind in Sarawak to manage the buy-back and processing of Jatropha harvest.

SRI AMAN: Sarawak has witness remarkable achievement in the history of Jatropha Industry which is good news for Jatropha growers (Jatropha Curcas)following the launching ceremony of BIONAS Jatropha Press-Mill Plant in Gua Sukat, Sri Aman by BATC Development Berhad.

The plant manager Lias Julai said, this plant is the first in Sarawak to manage the buy-back and the oil extraction processing of Jatropha harvest.

"Almost 1,000 hectares of land in Sri Aman has been planted with Jatropha Curcas by more than 1,000 growers”.

"As a result, Sri Aman has been selected for launching the first plant and currently BATC is building a second plant in Tamin, Sibu which is expected to begin the operations in August 2010," said Lias.
Apart from the launching of the plant, BATC also launched Jatropha harvest collection center and training programs to anyone who is interested in planting Jatropha Curcas.

A total of 300 people were present at the launching ceremony including 85 Jatropha nurseries and representative from other collection enters appointed by the BATC results from all regions in Sarawak.

According to the chief executive officer (CEO) BATC Development Berhad Zurina Amnan, the launching of this plant will allow those who have been planting Jatropha Curcas to market their harvest.

"So far Jatropha growers were facing difficulty to market their harvests and now we have tried our best efforts to help those people by building a Jatropha Press-Mill plant as soon as possible.

"At first we used to buy Jatropha ripe fruits at price of RM850 per tonne and the price will change from time to time according to the market price," said Zurina.

Zurina also added that she is confident the operation of this plant will create more employment opportunities to the local residents and will increase their income.

Also the Executive Chairman of BATC, Mr Mohd Safie Jaffri was presented at the event with other officers from Peninsular Malaysia.

It's Official: Mohd Safie cut the ribbon to mark the Launching Ceremony of BIONAS Jatropha Press-Mill Plant in Gua Sukat, Sri Aman, witnessed by the Plant Manager Lias Julai.

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